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Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is the latest release in the award-winning family of hosting control panels designed to make hosting easier. It is powered by the most comprehensive set of features and can help you leverage the everyday tasks of your hosting experience by providing the following great benefits...

List of Plesk features:


Interface Redesign
Plesk sports a completely new look and feel. Designed by an ergonomic software specialist Plesk is easier to learn, faster to use and manages more features than ever before.


Subdomain Management Interface
Plesk provides users with an interface to create Subdomains inside their Primary domains, including FTP user assignment and scripting.


osCommerce Software Support
Included in the new Application Pack for Plesk is “OS-Commerce” Ecommerce software. Your Shopping Cart is installed in less than 1 minute and easily managed via your control panel login.


Custom Buttons Management
Custom buttons can be created, managed and deleted in the redesigned Plesk interface.


Private Folder for Sensitive Data Storage
Plesk now includes a new folder inside the domain root directory which cannot be accessed from the web. Domain users can now store sensitive data like a list of users, passwords etc. for personal access only.


New @Domain support
In Plesk Domain Users can select multiple access points for webusers using a browser. New options include: (domain.com/~webuser or webuser@domain.com).


Enhanced Server Statistical Information
Plesk details more statistics represented in a completely new presentation format.